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The Pink Pigeon

The mayor of New York City had just bought a new car. It was a brand new Benz and he had parked it outside of city hall in the spaced reserved,"MAYOR". After a short council meeting, the mayor decided to take a few associates out for lunch in his new car. To his dismay, his brand new car had been "bombed" by a flock of pigeons. He muttered,"I really need to do something about those pigeons."

Parked outside his favorite diner, the mayor and his associates were eating lunch. After an hour of eating and chatting, mayor and his associates went out to the car only to find it ticketed by a rookie officer not aware that the car belonged to the mayor. Now the mayor was furious. The mayor then said, "I'm not going to pay this ticket," and left in a bad mood.

Well the mayor had to pay the ticket and court charges and was furious. He sped away in his car and drove to a local park to calm himself down. He sat by the lake and fed the ducks and the pigeons. As the mayor, now relieved, walked toward his car and noticed a large group of pigeons flocked by his car. He ran to his car only to find that it had been pecked at and was smothered in pigeon fecal matter. The mayor yelled in anger and made up his mind. He was going to get rid of all the pigeons.

The mayor sent ads all over the paper alerted everyone that the mayor was offering one million dollars to anyone who could get rid of all the pigeons. After a long day of interviews with people and their crazy ideas, finally a man dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase arrived.

The man simply said,"I will get rid of all the pigeons effectively but under one condition, you must pay one million for ever question you ask." The mayor told the man just do what he had to do. So the man opened the briefcase and a pink pigeon flew out.

The mayor thought, "What a dumb idea!", but he held back the question on his lips.

To his amazement, all the pigeons were shocked at the pink bird and started to follow it. The pink pigeon flew toward the harbor and dove right in. All the pigeons followed and drowned. The pink pigeon flew out and back into the briefcase. The mayor was grateful and wrote out a check for one million dollars. Just as he was about to hand the man the check.

As the man headed for the door, the mayor could no longer contain the question at the fore of his mind. "I just have to ask you a question. Do you have any pink lawyers?"

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