James Fuqua's Law Jokes

Legal Business Cards

Al E. Moany
Ida Lefter

Divorce Specialists

Arby Trait

Ben Sued
Attorney at Law

Gil Tee
District Attorney

Jude Ishel
Attorney at Law

Laura de Land
Texas Supreme Court Justice
Hang 'em High

Lauren Order
District Judge

Pat N. Pending,
Intellectual Property Specialist

Scott Free
Lois Deycome

Defense At Its Best!

Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe
Attorneys at Law

Ben Dover
C. Howlett Fields
Attorneys At Law

Did you hear about the two Indian lawyers who formed a partnership?

Cachem & Sioux
Attorneys at Law

Doolittle & Dalley
Attorneys At Law

Kahn, Hunt, Ewe
Personal Injury Lawyers

[While not all that great, this last one is my own. Therefore, I claim copywrite...]

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