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The trouble with lawyer jokes are: Lawyers don't think they are funny, and other people don't think they are jokes!

Individual Jokes About Lawyers
Joke.Date Added
The Bronze Rat -- one of my favorites22 March 1996
California Law on Lawyer Hunting10 January 1996
The Circus Lawyer 3 February 1997
The Dead Law Partner31 October 1998
The Doctor & the Lawyer, Malpractice? I don't think so!25 March 1996
Don't Worry About the Cows 26 July 1996
The Lawyer, the Czech, and the Bears25 March 1996
Letter to Ann Landers3 April 2000
The Pink Pigeon10 December 1997
Sharks and Lawyers -- A Comparative Study13 September 1996
A Short History of Lawyers9 December 1997
Star Trek: The Lost Episode29 October 1996
Texas Three-Kick Rule24 November 2000
A Treatise on Legalese8 September 1997

Lists of Law Humor
Joke Lists Last Updated
Bad Lawyer Jokes -- don't say I didn't tell you so!18 July 2000
Dead Lawyers3 April 2000
The Difference Between a Lawyer and a . . . 9 May 1997
Famous Quotes and Sayings About Lawyers27 January 2002
How Many Lawyers Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb1 November 1996
Lawyers in the Afterlife 5 April 2000
Legal Business Cards18 July 2000
Longer Lawyer Jokes3 August 2000
Q & A Lawyer Jokes22 October 1999
Shorter Lawyer Jokes26 October 2000
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5 April 2000

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